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Visit us at Skate of the Art for skate sharpening, repairs, fittings, and more!

Skate Sharpening

Sharpening single - $15 plus tax
SkateSkan sharpen card 7 - $90 plus tax (1 free sharpen)
SkateSkan sharpen card 10 - $120 plus tax (2 free sharpens)

Sarah sharpening skates at Skate of the Art


Blade mounting - $50 plus tax
Heat mold - $20 plus tax
Hooks/eyelets - $12 plus tax
Rivets - $8 each, additional $2 after (plus tax)
Stretching - $40 plus tax

Sarah repairing skates at Skate of the Art

Purchasing used items

SOTA will buy used skates, tights, dresses and accessories in good condition.

Picture of a basket of skate guards, and racks of clothes with a mirror at Skate of the Art.

Our Partners

Jackson Ultima
John Wilson

Skate of the Art partners.